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Our planet is changing. We must change too. Most of us are making those changes. Let us make more of an effort this year and help Mother Nature. You must have read so many articles about keeping our plant from harms way. Not all of us subscribe to the plan. We are focused on the here and now. Who cares what happens when I’m gone. A bit like Ebenezer Scrooge style of thinking.

Bah Humbug!

What would Charles Dickens write about if he lived today? I wonder. Would Scrooge hide his money in a stone pillar, a wall safe? How different is it today? Scrooge in his enlightenment, would start a solar factory or recycle plant. A new 12 million dollar recycling plant is being built in Montreal to be completed in 2012. The location is near the St.Lawrence River. Lots of processed scrap metal to be sent to other countries by ship. Scrapping ships too I would imagine. I hope we all have those three spirits visit us and see the good past, where we may have strayed in life and how we can improve on life. Here’s wishing you a good holidays season with hopes for a greener world to come.


Tsunami Destruction in Japan

The last count was 300,000 scrap cars left in the ruins of the largest natural catastrophe that hit the shores of Japan for hundreds of years. Who knows how many cars were lost to the depths of the ocean. The devastation was horrible as I watched the satellite footage. Last week I watched a documentary about ocean volcanoes. I was reminded of Japan’s wave of destruction. The cameras caught the actively of these ocean volcanoes continually spewing towers of smoke as they churned the waters of the Atlantic ocean near Iceland. I have never seen anything like it. Japan has been known for its vulnerability for some time. This did not discourage growth in population and industry. The rebuilding of Japan is under way. These scrap cars will be used to erect new buildings. Steel reinforcing concrete. Did you know 97% of scrap cars are recycled? There’s the silver lining. I was amazed as I saw pictures of vehicles stacked on top of each other, waiting to be fabricated into something productive again. Japan will rise again like the phoenix.