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Alternate fuel

Recycle used vegetable /corn oil

We’re currently suspended between two ages: a time dependent on fossil fuels and a future dominated by renewable energy sources. Yet not everyone is sold on this vision.

Move Over Corn: Sugarcane Rising Up in the Biofuel World, and Why Hemp Shouldn’t Be Far Behind

Sugarcane, seen as the most successful alternative fuel so far, is fueling Brazil’s widely-praised biofuel industry, and is far more efficient than corn. But hemp, which is said to be way more efficient than either one, is illegal to cultivate in most places with growing biofuel economies.
Biodiesel Fuel: And not only does it burn cleaner, but because biodiesel can be made from food wastes like used vegetable oils, it’s a great way to divert waste from the landfill. A study in Minnesota found that soy-based biodiesel not only brought a 93 percent return on the energy investment used in production, but also reduced emissions from conventional diesel fuel by 41 percent, compared with a 12 percent reduction from ethanol. But if you want to put biodiesel into your own vehicle, be sure to purchase one that meets industry standards–they do exist and if you ignore them, you can ruin your engine.
These figures sound nice. What happens when we start to deplete our fields from cane sugar or any other natural resource? Problems again. I don’t think you can grow enough corn or sugar cane to power our planet. Does history really repeat itself? Remember the rise and fall of the Roman Empire? Only this time, think large scale. The Rise and Fall of the Global Village. May this slippery slope of the Industrial Age be a gentler one.