There’s a New ‘SCRAP Man’ in Mississauga, GTA area!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Junk Yard, Scrap Car towing, Wreckers Scrap Car
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Yes, Mississauga’s “SCRAP MAN” is in Town. He loves Mississauga so much, he’s going staying. There’s lots of Scrap cars for Mr. Scrap MAN to bring to the scrapyard for recycling. Tires are recycled. Batteries. Before your vehicle goes to the recycling plant. Patrick, Mississauga’s own “Scrap Man” makes sure all hazardous material is removed. All our mercury switches are removed and sent to Ontario’s Disposal plant
There’s a lot of work that goes into saving the environment and preparing cars to be recycled.

CALLING All  "Scrap Cars"

CALLING All "Scrap Cars" in Mississauga

Our Car Salvage Scrapping Process Includes:

▪ The Wheels are Removed and separated From the tire
▪ Lead Acid Batteries are Removed
▪ Air Bags and Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners are Removed
▪ Hazardous Mercury Containing Switches are Removed from the vehicle
▪ Engine Oil and Transmission Fluid are Drained
▪ Engine Coolant Drained
▪ Power Assisted Steering Fluid Drained
▪ Petrol and Diesel gas is Drained from The Fuel Tank
▪ Brake Fluid is Drained From The Reservoir /Pipes
▪ Refrigerant are Removed From The Air Conditioning System
▪ Windscreen Washer Fluid are Removed


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