Future Scrap Car Prices

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Junk Yard, Scrap Car towing, Wreckers Scrap Car

Scrap Metals

Scrap Metals

Future predictions sometimes shape our actions. All scrap metal price predictions are determined by analysts that factor in natural events or man made events. China and Japan will not demand as much scrap metal in the next few months. There will be a slight rise in Sepember and October in 2011. My source has been very acurate in teh past and Iwould like to share that with you.
US Ecomony
As foreclsoures and unemployment is istill a concern in the US. They are predicting a rise in scrap prices. Its hard to beleive as their dollar is shrinking. For the moment they are contending with internat shifting.
As we look at the global market, China is at a low demand. Japan is recovering from its horrific disaster. All production will slow during this recovery period.
Scrap metal and other commodities will continue to rise during 2011 due to scarcity in mining and the increased cost of mining raw materials.


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