Scrap Car Prices Slowly Declining

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Junk Yard, Scrap Car towing

Car Scrapper

Recycle, reduce Reuse

Prices are on the rise
Overall, metal scrap markets have been up lately, and you should be getting a lot more money for many scrap materials. A surprising number of metal scrap sellers are not aware of this yet, mainly because they have no automatic way of knowing. They relay mostly on the word of their scrap dealers. Scrap steel prices, for example, have risen almost 40% in the last 6 months; scrap corrugated containers (OCC) prices have moved up more than 50%, over the same period.

JunkYard have compiled the scrap metal prices, both ferrous non ferrous and other plastic and rubber scrap prices from various sources to provide you a basic knowledge on the selling prices. The rates for scrap depends on the quality, quantity and availability of material.

Call Patric at 647-504-4869 or go to my website at We will look after you and your car disposal needs.


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