Posted: January 9, 2011 in Junk Yard, Scrap Car towing, Wreckers Scrap Car
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We get some interesting stories here at Car Scrapper. One day, we had a call to pick up a Honda. Our drivers always check the glove compartment when they are cleaning out the car. We found a marriage certificate and divorce papers…not in the same car! Our days are routine most of the time. We do get lots of pennies left in the car. Copper gets recycled too.

There was one day that I do remember. I had hooked up a really old BMW. When I arrived at the scrap yard, I heard some kind of strange noise. I unhooked the car. I looked around, under the car. And, nothing. The noise had stopped. Must have been something banging around. Maybe a pipe or the muffler. The next morning, I took out the battery and mercury switch. When I was draining the fluids, I heard a some sounds from inside the car. I opened the door on the passengers side and looked around. Everything was in order. Checked the back seat. I stretched my neck to get a closer look. It was dark inside the car. Those Mustangs don’t have much of a back seat. Although, I thought did see something on the floor of the car. Maybe a jacket or some rags. It looked like a animal or something. Its a cat! It was a cat and kittens! Looks like four kittens. What do you know! I called the owner of the car, to see if they owned the cat or knew who’s cat it was. They were happy and relieved to hear from me. Their cat Skippy was MIA. She must have slipped in without anyone noticing. Three of us manged to get the kittens and cat in a pet bed and transport them back to safety. I now own a kitten called Beamer.


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