Why Should We Recycle METALS?

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Junk Yard, Scrap Car towing, Wreckers Scrap Car
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Tupperware ~ the first  RECYCLE!

Recycle Car BatteriesRecycling started many years ago. People have been recycling since they made their first paint can.  That’s  how Tupperware started.  Families used old paint cans to store items.  Mr. Tupper used this paint can as a model for  their first plastic storage container “with a lid”.  The lid even looks similar to the paint cans.  Recycling with a twist.  Pioneers recycled old clothes and made quilts.  It’s recycling not in the sense we think of it today. Today, used items are pulverized and added to manufacturing new items. Aluminum shelves are made from recycled  aluminum pop cans.  As the years progress,  newer products are being made.  For example, did you know that most of your tires are made of oil?  These used tires are  shredded into tire “crumb”  for new roads.  The rubber is mixed with other substances to build the road.  These roads last longer than the traditional roads.


Scrap cars have been  around since the first cars were made. Cars were crushed and melted down. Metal extraction systems remove only the raw metal.  High heat is the last step to melt the steel into bars.  The bars are sold and become part of new buildings and even new cars.


Interestingly  enough,  car batteries are partially reused for  new “car” batteries.  With so many cars in the world, scrap cars have become a large viable  industry. 97 % of car batteries and all the metals from the vehicles are recycled.

Who should you contact when you need to scrap your vehicle?

CarScrapper  is located in the GTA area, including Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, Ontario.  A reliable, professional scrap car removal service. When you are ready to have your vehicle removed to be recycled, you can count on our team at Ontario’s  CarScrapper: 647-504-4869 (or 647-272-0117) open 24 hours.

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